Photographer Proves That Women Are Pretty Capable Of Doing “Men’s Work”

California photographer Chris Crisman went around photographing women who worked in lines of work that are considered by many as unusual, to represent and normalize women in those spaces. Determined to show his children that they could be anything they wanted, he sums up the photo series’ message in one sentence: “Gender should not determine professional opportunities.”

Mindy Gabriel, Firefighter In Upper Arlington, Ohio

Leeann Johnson, Haul Truck Driver At Round Mountain Gold Mine In Round Mountain, Nevada

Sadie Samuels, Lobster Fisher In Rockport, Maine

Heather Marold Thomason, Butcher And Owner Of Primal Supply Meats In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Christina Burris, Brewer And Operations Manager Of St. Benjamin’s Brewing In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Judy Bowman, Process Operator, Round Mountain Gold Mine, Round Mountain, Nv

Nancy Poli, Pig Farmer At Stryker Farms In Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania