Add These Two Ingredients To Your Shampoo And Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Forever!!!

Sometimes your hair does not look as good as it should.  One day you look in the mirror and notice split ends, dryness, weakness and worst of all, hair loss.

It can be genetic.  It could be from a poor diet and stress.  And it could be from illness, so it if is extreme you should check it out.

Here are natural ways to strengthen your hair

You could buy expensive shampoo and take expensive medication which may or may not work.  Or, you could use these secret magical and cheap ingredients and know that your hair will shine!


  • Essential Rosemary oil
  • Essential lemon oil
  • Vitamin E capsules

You need to have an ordinary neutral shampoo too.


  • Open the lid of your shampoo.
  • Add 15 drops of each essential oil into the shampoo.
  • Break open the Vitamin E capsules and add them in too.
  • Shake well and shake every time before using.

Use the shampoo as you would ordinarily.  Wet your hair first, add the shampoo and make a lather.  Then massage for about ten minutes, gently and slowly.  Leave it on for a further then minutes.

Rinse with warm water.

Repeat daily if you can.  Your hair will grow, shine and sparkle and get back its natural loss.  And if you have suffered from hair loss, your hair will begin a natural growth.