10 Stories About Besties That Make Our Life So Good

  • I had an accident, nothing serious, just badly scratched my face with broken glass. I stayed at home for two days because I had a little bruising on my face. My bestie came over, painted bruises on her face with eye shadow, and took me out.
  • My bestie decided to get ready for summer and go to a gym. Yesterday she came over with bags full of food and clothes. She said, “It makes no sense to have the gym on the 3rd floor! There is a grocery store on the 1st floor and a clothes store on the 2nd! By the time I got up to the 3rd floor, I was already out of money. I have decided that I am already fabulous.”
  • I often hear that female friendship doesn’t exist. Today my besties didn’t eat the cake they bought for our party without me. Completely! They hadn’t even unwrapped the cake! If this isn’t friendship, I don’t know what is.
  • I called my friend choleric. She didn’t deny it and then broke a cup against the wall.
  • My bestie studies surgery. When I asked her why she decided to study surgery, she said, “You cut people and get paid for it.”
  • That awkward feeling when your crying bestie asks you to bring her a pregnancy test,
    and later at the pharmacy everyone is looking at you like a crazy person 
    because you are pregnant with twins.
  • Today in the street I heard a fantastic phrase. One girl went to get a tattoo, and the other asked her if she was afraid of pain. She answered, “Honey, I gave birth to triplets. I don’t feel pain anymore.”
  • When I was in high school, my bestie, who was a sporty girl, was put under house arrest by her parents. They wouldn’t let her out. Her coach and I had to steal her out of the second floor of a private house so as not to miss a competition. That difficult operation included rope climbing and acrobatic maneuvers. Her parents caught us only on our way back. It was a big scandal, but my bestie took second place in that competition.
  • My bestie and I went to a sauna. We were shown the sauna and locker room. We were told that there was a swimming pool behind the sauna door, so we could swim in cool water after our sauna. We got undressed, got nice and hot in the sauna, and decided to jump in the swimming pool. We ran out of the sauna door and saw people’s shocked faces. It was a shared swimming pool.
  • I was on the bus today. An old lady got on, saw her old bestie, and cried happily, “You are alive!” And they gave each other a hug.
  • Source : brightside.me