Most Amazing Places In Bologna, Italy

The city has very ancient origins, which date back to almost a thousand years before Christ. It was originally named Felsina by the Etruscans, who had settled in the nearby Villanova area, giving rise to the rich Villanovian civilisation. Thanks to them Bologna became an important urban centre, which survived until the arrival of the Gauls, who were defeated by the Romans in 196 BC. That was when the name of the city was changed to Bononia.

OdoacreTheodoricus, the Byzantines and the Longobards then succeeded one another, until the conquest by Charlemagne. In the Middle Ages it was an important Free Commune city which opposed Frederick Barbarossa until, thanks to the peace of Constance in 1183, it lived its moment of splendour accompanied by a significant building expansion and the birth of the so-called “Case Torri” (Tower Houses). The flourishing economy favoured an increase in population so that Bologna Italy became the fifth most populous city in Europe.


Fontana del Nettuno in Bologna, Italy

Bologna markets

Market in Bologna, Italy

San Giacomo Maggiore, Bologna, Italy |

Bologna | by Adelini Riccardo