10 Things to Expect In A Long Distance Relationship

1. You will get extremely jealous at least once.

The two of you will both be making tons of new friends at school, you’re going to be jealous that all these people get to spend time with your partner while you’re so far away from them. My biggest fear was that my boyfriend would become really good friends with a beautiful girl and fall for her. While he did become friends other girls, I knew I had nothing to be worried about because I trusted him. You’re also going to be jealous of other couples you see on campus who walk to class holding hands. You may even become jealous of your partner if your college experience is less than stellar. A healthy amount of jealousy is completely normal, but don’t let it hijack your relationship.

How to make your long distance relationship work

2. You both will change.

You’re both going to be exposed to new people, ideas, and tons of adventures. There’s no doubt that you’ll both have different views and interests than you did before college, even after only one semester. This is nothing to worry about. Maybe you’ll be exposed to something really cool because of your S/O and you’ll like it even more than they do!

How to make your long distance relationship work

3. You won’t be each other’s first priorities.

It sucks. Most of the time when your boyfriend or girlfriend has some extra time between classes, their first thought isn’t to pick up the phone and call you. They’re dealing with the same stuff that you’re going through. They’ll want to catch up on sleep, go out with their friends, or just watch Netflix and relax. It may hurt at first, but with time it will all make sense.

How to make your long distance relationship work

4. You’ll be horny most of the time.

If you’re used to having sex on a daily/weekly basis, this is totally gonna suck (no pun intended, hehe). Thankfully, you both have two hands and an Internet connection, if you’re catching my drift.

How to make your long distance relationship work

5. Skype will be your best friend.

Skype seriously saved my relationship when we were long-distance. Set one night per week for a Skype date. You won’t believe the difference that actually seeing the other person makes. You can eat the same snack while watching the same TV show and it’ll feel just like bae is right next to you. Video chatting is also awesome because you can see their room and meet their friends, which will make things a lot easier if you go to visit in person.

How to make your long distance relationship work

6. You’ll make even more friends.

Both of you will be making lots of new friends. You’re bound to click with some of the friends that your partner is making. Getting along with their new friends makes things easier when you go to visit. It’s also nice to know that your S/O is having fun with amazing people.

How to make your long distance relationship work

7. You’ll constantly be finding ways to keep the “spark” alive.

All relationships have their low points, but when you’re long-distance, it’s a little more difficult to reignite the spark. Care packages and cards are little ways to show the other person that you love them, as are simple “I love you” texts and shout-outs on social media. Am I the only one who thinks that being a #wcw is a MAJOR compliment?!

How to make your long distance relationship work

8. You’ll have more free time.

Tuesday nights used to be date night for me and my boyfriend, but when he went to college, I was so bored. I used this extra time to catch up on schoolwork, hang out with my other friends, or just enjoy the time to myself. Wallowing around in your sadness isn’t going to change anything and will just make you more upset, so make sure you stay busy!

How to make your long distance relationship work

9. You’ll have to fight off invasive questions about your relationship.

“You do know that long-distance relationships never work, right?”

“What do you do when you’re horny?”
“Aren’t you afraid they’re going to cheat on you?”

Though your relationship is nobody else’s business, people are still going to ask about every single detail. You may want to scream, but the best response to these types of questions is something simple and polite, such as “It’s a little difficult, but it’s worth it in the long run.” You don’t have to explain yourself or say anything more than that.

How to make your long distance relationship work

10. You’ll grow closer than ever.

My boyfriend is home for the summer, which is totally amazing. However, after being apart for so long we can now go longer stretches without seeing each other because we’re so used to it. The distance gave us a chance to grow and change as people in our different environments, and now we’re stronger than ever. Your relationship is going to be challenged, but if you two make it, it’s so worth it.

How to make your long distance relationship work

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