Skopelos island, Greece

Located between Skiathos and Alonissos, Skopelos is a beautiful island that attracts mostly families and romantic couples. It mostly became famous to the world when scenes of the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia were filmed there few years ago. Particularly, the impressive church of Agios Ioannis Kastri is known as the Mamma Mia Church. The beaches of Skopelos island have crystal water and they are ideal to enjoy a long day under the sun. Source:

According to the legend, Skopelos was founded by Staphylos or Staphylus (Greek for grape), one of the sons of the god Dionysos and the princess Ariadne of Crete. Historically, in the Late Bronze Age the island, then known as Peparethos or Peparethus (Ancient Greek: Πεπάρηθος), was colonised by Cretans, who introduced viticulture to the island.

Perhaps because of the legend of its founding by the son of the god of wine, the island was known throughout the ancient Greek cities of the Mediterranean Sea for its wine. Source:

One more beach on the northern side is Vathias, which is after Glyststeri and shortly before the area Kalogeros. Near Perivoliou there is the beach Chondrogiorgi. It is a beach made up of small gulf with rocks in the sea.Leaving behind the Antrines, you will meet Milia, which is for many the most beautiful beach of the island. It is a large organized beach, which has a lifeguard and a beach bar. Source: