6 of the most romantic restaurants in the world

Stunning views, exotic destinations, fairy-tale settings and the perfect moonlight are all synonyms of romance. And if you choose to dine in any of these destinations, you’ll have one of the most romantic dining experiences of you life.

La Sponda – Positano, Italy

la sponda positanoEnchanting is the word that comes to mind. As you step inside, you will be immersed in a romantic setting, lit up by 400 candles that create the most intimate atmosphere and the most magical scenario for a meal to remember. In what occasion should you come dine at La Sponda? A special one, of course. The terrace is sensational and the views of the Mediterranean and Positano are incomparable.

Clos Maggiore – London, England

clos maggiore londonIf you’re searching for a magical setting and an intimate dining experience, it doesn’t get any better than Clos Maggiore.  This classic French restaurant with a twist offers outstanding cuisine and an extensive quality wine selection in a fairy-tale romantic setting. But wait until the doors open to the secret indoor courtyard, where you’ll dine under a forest of fake apple blossoms, now that’s a fairy-tale setting.

Le Jules Verne – Paris, France

alain ducasseAlain Ducasse has described it as “An experience at the heart of the Eiffel Tower, a unique venue infused with dreams and magic.” And who are we to contradict him? The unparalleled views over Paris, the candlelit setting, the exquisite food (by Alain Ducasse of course) and the whole vibe of a dining experience over the City of Lights is simply enough to make you want to try it.

Treepod – Koh Kood, Thailand

treepodForget fancy restaurants, it’s all about nature at Treepod. Remember when your dream was to build a treehouse and go live there as a child? Treepod is as close as you’ll ever get. Treepod offers a once in a lifetime experience on a leafy canopy hanging in the air. You will taste yummy flavours seated in a bamboo pod while overlooking an ancient rainforest and hearing the sound of the waves crash on the shoreline.

Mirabelle – Rome, Italy

mirabelle romeA lunch or dinner at Mirabelle isn’t simply a lunch or dinner. If you were searching for simple, you’re not in the right place. But if you’re searching for romantic, magical and elegant, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Imagine a romantic date with your partner on the candle-lit terrace, with live piano music floating in the air and a chilled bottle of wine. It doesn’t get any better than this. And of course, a great view gets even better if you pair it with delicious food. And at Mirabelle, your taste buds will be tingling.

Fregate Island Pivate, Seychelles

romantic restaurants in the worldIf you want to feel like the king of the world, Fregate Island Private Resort is your place. The magic of the sea, the sandy beaches and the moonlight romance create the perfect unforgettable atmosphere. Dine in one of the resort-s private beaches with your personal chef as you hear the sound of the waves a few meters from your table. Perfect doesn’t begin to describe it.

Source: wtg-global.net