What You Need To Know For Beautiful Historical Village Kovachevitsa, Bulgaria

The village was founded by refugees from different villages, who tried to escape the Ottoman assimilation in the 17th century. The isolated location and the fresh water supply were the most important factors in this process. The village has never had Ottoman administration, therefore it preserved the Bulgarian traditions.

The first school was founded in 1820 and run by priests. In 1854, a secular school was founded. The school moved to a new two-story house in 1888

The architecture of the houses is original and unique. Most of them were built in the second half of the 19th century, but there are also new houses, built in the same style.

There are many guest-houses and restaurants in the traditional style. The village itself is not the only place of interest. There are many natural sites in the Rhodopes and in the valley of the Kanina river.

Source: wikipedia.org