Unusual And Unique Restaurants In London!


M. Manze

The original asset of Michele Manze’s south London pie and mash empire, this Peckham shop is very similar to the one on Tower Bridge Road, also offering some of the best pies, with mash so smooth it tastes as though made with an industrial cement mixer. The liquor here is also perfect – vivid green from fresh parsley (emphasised by the chilli-infused vinegar on the table) and a perfect consistency. As a result, this particular branch of Manze’s is definitely south London’s finest institution for pie and mash.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Dinner began in the late 90’s with Heston Blumenthal’s fascination with historic gastronomy. The savoury ice creams of the late 1800’s, the theatre of the Tudor dining experiences and the dishes of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland all resonated with his unique approach to cooking. The restaurant interior has been conceived as a subtle, elegant portrait – contemporary and innovative, yet mindful of tradition. The dining room features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, giving diners a view of the kitchen and its unique pulley system. Modelled after a version used by the royal court, the pulleys rotate the spit on an open-fire.

Basement Galley 

Vagabond restaurant: free from bricks and mortar we run supperclubs across London, most famously in our old tube carriage in E17.

Our menus change monthly and are the creation of Chef Alex Cooper, a is a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu School, Paris, training under some of France’s top chefs. Chef Alex has worked at two Michelin Star Sketch in, London and double AA Rosette wining Rufflets in St Andrews, Scotland.

La Bodega Negra

La Bodega Negra Restaurant is a complex space of sumptuously decorated rooms, glowing with mystery and exclusivity. The cuisine is high octane Mexican – traditional and authentic. The restaurant is a secret cellar, an undiscovered gem – a deconstructed glamorous party scene, with DJ’s and a giant array of superb tequilas

The real highlight was the dish least concerned with its own looks: a rich lamb shank in intensely dark juices. Seafood cazuela (a one-pot dish like a wet paella), containing clams, squid, prawns and mussels, was creamy, tangy and perfectly fine, though not especially memorable. Factor-in the small portions and two-hour table limits (though you can decamp to the bar), and you might wonder what the fuss is all about


ARCHIPELAGO Restaurant invites you on a sensory dining journey amid the glow of golden Buddhas, dwarf palm trees and giant peacock feathers. The exotic tease of an undiscovered fragrance and the sensuous indulgence of tantalising global cuisine awaits you.

Our hallmark exotic dishes like crocodile, wildebeest and kangaroo feature comfortably alongside standard classics like chicken and fish and an array of inventive vegetarian options. This ensures ARCHIPELAGO’s pre-eminence as London’s culinary portal to world cuisine.

Rango’s Hot Stone Kitchen

At Rango’s Hot Stone Kitchen have transformed this primeval method of cooking into a unique dining concept in which your meal is served to you on a bed of lava rock held within the custom made recess of a bamboo board.

The stone is heated to 260oC  in a purpose built oven, and will retain this temperature for 40mins before the cooling process begins.

This ensures  every single mouthful of your food will be hot fresh and delicious regardless of how long it is cooked for or how fast/slowly you eat it, because your meal is cooked on “dry heat” from the tablet it will never burn, char or become dry.