Everything You Need To Know For Flores Island, Azores, Portugal

The island of Flores is the westernmost point of the Azores Archipelago and of the European continent. Flores is about 15 miles from Corvo. The two islands make up the western group of the archipelago.

On May 27, 2009, Flores was chosen as one of several areas to be included on UNESCO’s list of World Network of Biosphere Reserves at the Man and the Biosphere meeting held in Jeju, South Korea, along with the islands of Graciosa and Corvo.

The island of Flores has deep valleys and high peaks, lagoons bordered by hydrangeas, cliffs carved by grottoes, hot springs, and the remains of old volcanoes.

Flores (Flowers) owes its name to a great profusion of wild flowers (especially hydrangeas, which have large blue or pink petals) and small botanical species’, many of which are indigenous and part of the original flora.