Infiorato di Noto- Flower Festival in Sicily, Italy

The Infiorata di Noto, one of the most colourful festivals anywhere in the world, takes place every year over the third weekend of May. For two and a half days, Via Nicolaci, one of Noto’s many delightful streets, is taken over by local and foreign artists who work together on a set theme to create a kaleidoscopic carpet of petal mosaics using flowers grown especially for the event.

Teams of young artists use millions of flower petals to adorn the floor of the street forming elaborate multicoloured designs. It is a Baroque representation dating back to the 1600s and it was created in Rome to celebrate Corpus Christi.

Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the capital of Sicilian baroque architecture. Its city centre is an extraordinary display of marvellous palaces decorated with typical flowery and lavish details. 

Since 1980 via Nicolaci, one of the most elegant streets of the city centre, is entirely decorated with flower compositions creating pictures, images and ornaments: every year the master florists participating to this stunning exhibit are given a topic on which they develop their colourful composition. 122 meters long, via Nicolaci is sided by some of the most refined palaces of the city, such as the world-famous palace of Prince Nicolaci “Villadorata”, whose willowy wrought-iron balconies are said to be the most beautiful in the world; the street ends right in front of the Church of Montevergini.