Quadrilatero: The Oldest Medieval Market In Bologna, Italy

The Quadrilatero” area has an ancient tradition. It had its greatest development in the Middle Ages and kept  its trade vocation throughout the years.

Most of the guilds located in the street once called Mercato di Mezzo, today known as via Rizzoli, at the beginning of the 20th century also moved in the heart of the Quadrilatero.

The main craft guilds of the city such as goldsmiths, butchers, fishermen, “Salaroli”, the Furriers, Barbers and the Society of Painters, had their headquarters in this area.

Il Quadrilatero has everything: from pasta, cheese, ham, salume, fish, bread, wine, fruits to vegetables and much more for a big party or simply a picnic. Here you can find mouth-watering, fresh and high-quality traditional Bolognese cuisines such as tortellinitagliatellemortadella. The shop owners are there to help you out if any shoppers are stuck in selection.