Welcome In Monte Palace Tripical Garden Madeira

Open to the public since 1991 this masterpiece located in Monte was put together by José Berardo and includes one of the most important tile collections in Portugal.

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden is located at the Quinta Monte Palace, a property which belongs to the José Berardo Foundation. This garden has a collection of cycads (encephalartos) which, because of their age, are considered living fossils.

The garden collection has been enriched with plants from all over the world; and about 100,000 plant species have been planted, including azaleas, heathers, different trees, and a wide variety of ferns.

They prefer the relatively shallow cool water of lakes and ponds as their natural habitat. Despite of being actually admired in gardens all over the world, the black swans originate from Australia, Tasmania and New Zeeland and the wild white swans have their origin in Iceland and Scandinavia.

During a trip to Japan and China the beauty, culture, way of living as well as the influence of the Portuguese on the Orient charmed Berardo. This is the reason for the existence of two oriental gardens and of a panel called ‘The Adventure of the Portuguese in Japan’.

Monte Palace is the perfect place for an unforgettable day!