Bulgaria: Alternative Summer Beach Destination in Europe

It’s always strange when a place is totally adored by one group of tourists and utterly ignored by another. This definitely seems to be the case with Bulgaria’s coast along the Black Sea. For a select few nationalities, it seems to be a particularly popular summer vacation destination. For the rest of the world though, heading somewhere like Bulgaria would never even cross their mind. Of course that’s a crying shame as Bulgaria is a pretty great choice for some beach time.

For starters, it’s quite a cost-effective choice of destination as things like food and accommodation are quite reasonable. Secondly, Bulgarian summers would suit Goldilocks perfectly – not too hot, not too cold, just right. Finally there’s the beaches that dot Bulgaria’s coast, from Varna all the way down to NesebarSunny Beach and Sozopol. Each destination has something different to offer, from beachfront clubs, to full beach resorts, to quiet little stretches where there’s no fuss at all.




Sunny Beach