17 Simple Health Hacks You Can Use Daily

We are all trying on some level to live happier, live healthier and generally live better. No one said making the choice to live healthier would always be easy but if you practice these 17 simple health hacks below you will definitely see a refreshing difference in the way you look and feel daily.

Go ahead and start with the one that appeals to you the most, and aim to make it a part of your daily lifestyle before moving on to the next one.

1. Add a few drops of lavender oil.

Turn a piece of cloth or handkerchief into a source of pleasing aroma by adding just a few drops of essential oils over it, place the cloth or handkerchief inside your pillowcase before bed. This easy, at home DIY trick, will help you to sleep calmly and peacefully.

2. Meditate and enhance your brain power

Countless studies have shown what meditation can do for your mind, body and, soul. Meditating regularly can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. It can also build your immune function, reduce fatigue, sharpen memory and problem-solving skills, and strengthen decision-making abilities. Start by just meditating ten minutes a day, and see what it will do for you.

3. Floss as your dentist recommends

Flossing is important to gum health and does a great deal in removing plaque buildup, which can cause gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. A recent study even suggested that flossing can even play a role in preventing heart disease. With that said, remember to get regular dental checkups and be sure to treat any gum disease early.

4. Give sugary drinks a break

Many beverages contain sugars, and flavorings your body doesn’t need. An excessive amount of sugar is not only linked to obesity but can also contribute to type 2 diabetes. A better option is to switch to water. It may be hard at first, but after a couple of weeks, you won’t mind and your body will thank you for it.

5. Ease up on alcohol

Reducing your intake of alcohol can have a profound impact on your health and weight. Choosing an alcoholic drink over water can easily allow you to gain weight. Alcoholic drinks not only contain a lot of calories but they also impair your liver’s ability to process fat. Reduce your intake of alcohol by picking just one or two nights out of the week to enjoy a couple alcoholic drinks instead.

6. Make a green juice.

Feel like you’re not getting adequate veggie intake? Blending fresh green leafy vegetables to produce green juice is a quick and easy option which will give you the nutrients needed to stay healthy and strong. Here’re 5 Creative ways to add vegetables to your diet.

7. Enter a race or a 10-minute HIIT workout.

Need some motivation? Sign up for a fun run and get into the mood of an active lifestyle or enter a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)workout. A well-planned 10 minutes workout can be very effective in burning fat, keeping your cardiovascular system in check, preserve muscle mass, and increases your metabolic flexibility.

8. Stop skipping breakfast.

It can be easy to skip breakfast or grab something small as you rush out for work, however, this can be counter-productive to your fitness goals. Experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So go ahead and start the day off right with a nutritious breakfast. It will give you energy, fuel your brain, and help you be more productive through the day.

9. Eat dark chocolate.

A daily dose of dark chocolate is good for your heart, brain, and overall health. However be sure to choose the type of chocolate that is made with cacao. Dark chocolate is also said to help regulate stress hormone cortisol and stabilize metabolism.

10. Always take the stairs.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is one of the simplest yet effective ways to get in some physical activity in your lifestyle. Use the stairs whenever possible as taking the elevator burns zero calories. This really adds up over the course of a day, imagine a week!

11. Take a break every hour.

Sitting in front of a computer all day can be straining on your eyes. According to a research, the most productive people work with intense focus for 52 minutes and then break completely for 17 minutes. Using those 17 minutes to take a walk will not only counteract the stresses of sitting at your desk but will also increase blood flow to your brain, leading to creative thinking and problem solving.

12. Bring your water everywhere you go.

Carrying a water bottle is the best way to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water has many benefits, as it promotes weight loss and improves metabolism.

13. Shower before bed.

One cold shower a day will improve circulation, increase metabolism, tighten pores, boost immunity and alertness, and speed recovery from a tough workout.

14. Pre-prepare meals and snacks for the week.

You will save time and energy not having to think about what to eat throughout the week. Use your Sunday evenings to plan and package healthy meal and snack for the week. Pack each meal in its own container and label them properly. Here’re 6 Healthy superfoods recipes for weight loss

15. Drink Herbal teas.

Today, there’s an herbal tea for everything. Green tea is a great energy-boosting alternative to coffee, chamomile helps you go to sleep, and peppermint teas aid digestion.

16. Avoid screens before bed.

Your phone, television, and computer all have screens that emit light. About 15 to 30 minutes before bed, try not to use your electronic devices. Reading an actual book is a better option, it will help you to switch off.

17. Have yourself a hearty laugh.

Laughter is considered by many health professionals to be one of the best medicines for both mental and physical health. The health benefits of laughter are endless from boosting your immune system and lowering stress to reducing pain and preventing heart disease. Try it today and you’ll see.

Source: thinkhealthmag.com