Superfood Salad for Hormone Balance

What a lot of people are realizing today is that food can be incredibly healing. This is an exciting movement, where some are even re-thinking their entire diet and moving towards foods that truly make them feel alive.

 Women are discovering that irregular periods and fluctuating hormones can be balanced out through alterations in their diet, and especially eating specific foods for each ovarian cycle phase (follicular, ovulation and luteal).
 If we think of all the additives in our foods and the science behind each ingredient we begin to understand how they can upset our hormones to such a large extent. This is pretty powerful stuff, and this superfood salad with pomegranate and quinoa recipe is dedicated to all women looking at improving their hormonal health.

Quinoa makes the perfect base for a filling salad because it is a complete protein source and a fiber one, helping you feel satiated and nourished.

Adzuki beans are an excellent source of molybdenum, folate, fiber and copper. Folate in particular is recommended for women during pregnancy, in order to develop a healthy fetus and protect their baby from developing birth defects.
Recipe HERE