Travel In Tuscany : Visit Calenzano

The city centre resides along what was formerly known as via del Sale (Salt Road) between the hills of Castello di Calenzano Alto and San Donato.

Calenzano is home to hilly, lush landscapes; vestiges of medieval times at every turn; and respite from the Renaissance city rush in nearby Florence.

Calenzano Alto, above the main town center, is home to a castle and fortified village, stringently clinging to its original aesthetic well through the weathering of the years. Not a single structure but a walled village, the Castello di Calenzano was long associated with the Conti, a family of medieval aristocrats, and is a quintessential example of area defensive structures. The city of Florence gained possession of it at the beginning of the 13th century, ushering it in to its glory days between the end of the 1200s and the beginning of the 1300s.

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