10 Classic Italian Desserts you need to Try

Tartufo di Pizzo is a typical dessert of Calabria.

It is an ice-cream scoop filled with chocolate or fruit syrup or frozen fruit, covered with chocolate, cinnamon or nuts.

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Struffoli is a dessert originally made in Naples.

It is made of small balls of fried dough, usually served with honey, cinnamon or sprinkles and other sweet ingredients. It is similar to the Greek “loukoumades”.

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Although baba might not be a traditional Italian dessert, it has become a typical sweet of Naples. It is a mushroom-formed dessert made of dough mixed with syrup.

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Biscotti di Pratto

Biscotti di Pratto is a typical dessert of Tuscany. It is a kind of biscuits made with almonds, eggs, butter, orange zest and a vanilla-flavored leaven er.

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Panna Cotta is one of the most famous desserts of Italy. It is served worldwide and it is really easy to make: you only need milk, vanilla and gelatin!.

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Traditionally made in Palermo, Sicily. It is a type of almond cookie filled with ricotta or mascarpone cream and sometimes covered with chocolate or sugar.

Cannoli is another type of Sicilian pastry.

Its name means “small tube” and it is made of a sweet dough filled with cream cheese and covered with sugar or chocolate chips.

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Cassata Siciliana is a type of a Sicilian cake, consisted by a sponge cake moistened with liquor or fruit juice and covered with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips.

It is usually decorated with colorful frosting!

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One does not simply visit Italy without trying the traditional gelato. Gelato is the Italian ice-cream. It is much more soft and smooth than the usual ice-cream we meet.

Tiramisu is the most popular dessert of Italy and it is served all around the world. It is made with ladyfingers moistened with strong coffee, cream cheese filling and a thick layer of cocoa powder.

Source: this-is-italy.com